Monday, 6 August 2012

New Fabric!!

Hello!! A few days ago, I bought some a-maze-ing fabric!  So, I thought I'd show them off here. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to cut them, but I just hope I do them justice!

The fabric on the left at the back is on a light green background, with batic yellow & green flowers. It is sooooo pretty.
The fabric at the front on the left is plain blue poplin cotton, plain sage green poplin, and a tie dyed blue at the top. They're all lovely. BUT, the real show stopper, is the fabric on the right. It's been tie dyed, and the flowers have been hand painted one. There's little flecks of paint everywhere, and they're all imperfect - which makes them perfect.

One of the hand painted flowers & embellishments.

Another of the hand painted flowers & embellishments.

A couple of close ups of the flowers.

I really love that when I run my hand over the fabric, I can still feel the flowers that little bit. And it also looks like they've used some mica in the paint, as there is a tiny sparkle on the petals, which doesn't show up on the pics. It's not obvious like glitter, but a far more subtle, classier sparkle. 

I have no idea at all how I am going to cut this up. I'm not even sure I have the heart to cut it at all! Not even the assistant at the shop had ever seen it before. I don't know whether I should fussy cut the flowers out, or if I should just ensure they're inside a block. Whichever it is, I have some gold thread coming, and I intend to highlight these beauties as much as I possibly can! I also intend to take pictures all the way of what I do - I did take The Pledge! So keep an eye out for this fabric - I just know it's going to be something very special!!


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