Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Denim Quilt

Hello. This is a new blog, where I can share a little about one of my hobbies. I may post loads in a one month, then nothing for ages after that. Either way, keep an eye out for new posts and pictures.

To kick the blog off, I've some pictures of a scrappy raggedy quilt I made a little while ago. All the denim squares are upcycled from old jeans, there's a few squares of stripy fabric, and there's loads of character added with the pockets, loops and labels. Some of the labels were taken from the jeans, others were stolen off of shirts my husband still wears. But they looked great, and I knew they'd be great on the quilt. It has a plain white backing. It is so snugly, I had to prise it away from the family to get pics - even the cat has tried to claim it as her own!

Prepare for a LOTTA pics.
The full quilt is a single bed size - huge for my first ever quilt!

I cut some of the blocks on the seams of the jeans for extra character, and added green buttons that said Levi Jeans. - Not that I ever owned a pair of Levis! 

Just one of the labels that I added.

I added 4 pockets - each are different, and face in different directions. Fun for the kids to put their hands in, or to hide secret notes. 

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I hope to put more pictures of my sewing hobby on here.


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