Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Denim & Pink Handbag

There are many crafters out there who, like me, have very little money to spend. It is unfortunately the way things are at the moment for the masses. HOWEVER! There is a way around it. ... well, mostly. I had a PILE of denim jeans that had been worn out. Most were various shades of blue, and there was one black pair in there too. The first thing I made, was the handbag shown below. I used a pattern, but scaled it down quite a bit to suit me. I used all sorts from the jeans - pockets, labels, loops - just to keep the look. The rest of the jeans were used in the quilt from my previous post.

I used matching jeans pockets on the outside, and they look FAB!!

The back has a small zipper pocket (will change this next time!!) and ....

a secret pocket too! It's tough velcro, so a very safe spot for anything you want to keep accessible.
The straps were simple too - one side is pink strapping, and the other side is a strip of the pink fabric. It means that the straps stay put, and don't roll, and look good at the same time.

Pockets on the inside - I changed the sizes to suit my needs. But they're great, and don't flap open, so things don't fall out of them. The lining is white cotton. All the fabrics mean that it's totally washable, and fairly easy to keep clean.

It's a BIG bag. It's big enough for me to put all the kids stuff in when we're going out for the morning, or I can put my camera in it, with all the lenses, and other 'stuff', and still have space for my lunch. A great bag!!
The larger size (the unchanged pattern) would be perfect for an overnight bag. I will definitely be making one of these again some time soon!


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