Saturday, 29 September 2012

Orange Hair Clips

A friend of mine always wears a flower in her hair at work, and it always looks so pretty. But the flowers kept dying, so she changed to a fake flower. Still pretty, but I got thinking - I'm sure that I could make something pretty for her. She's such a lovely person, and I really enjoy working with her. Anyways, so I made 2 flowers. The first one below is the one I'll be giving to her. It's made of offcuts from the The Birthday Quilt and a beautiful button that I had in my stash. I'll be making more of these!!  The second flower was an experiment to see how this technique worked, and I really enjoyed it. It worked out really well, and I'm thrilled with the results. The yellow and orange layers remind me of carnivals and music.  I hope you like them too. I'll be making a whole BUNCH of these for the Christmas market at my children's school.
For both flowers, a little hair clip has been attached to the bottom, but I'll be getting some crocodile clips to make them a bit more secure.



Monday, 3 September 2012

Storing your cottons & bobbins

Like many other crafters and sewers, I have a load of cotton reels and matching bobbins. But I used to store them separately - that was how it was always done. But recently, I was looking for a bobbin that matched the thread I was going to use - I knew I had a full bobbin for it, but which one was it? There were at least 5 different bobbins that looked very similar in colour, and of course, it was at night, so the light was not exactly perfect. So, the following day, I sent out on a mission to match all my threads with their bobbins. I put them into plastic bags and sealed them with a small piece of tape. Now, when I pull out a reel of thread, I know that the matching bobbin is right there with it. When I'm done with it, it goes back into the same plastic bag, ready for the next time. It keeps it clean, and easily identifiable. How do you store your cottons and bobbins? I'd love to hear about it.